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P1010476MAX International Fitness Business College
The only customised, tailored, top level education for fitness professionals in the world is available to you in Auckland

Do you deserve to stand out with more than just the basic level, personal training courses
available in Auckland

The top three questions MAX will ask you…

1. What career, job, business do you want to do in the fitness profession?
2. When do you want to do it?
3. Why is this new career important to you?

Then unlike any other school, college or university in the world today, and most definitely unlike any other generic, base level Fitness Courses,  or Personal Training Courses in Auckland or New Zealand, the MAX fitness business college specialises in helping you achieve your specific goal!! A top level international Fitness Business Qualification and an Education to make sure you are the BEST for the role you want. Are you a passionate, positive, professional person in New Zealand who is serious about being a highly trained, highly skilled, top level fitness professional/ personal trainer?

The MAX International Fitness Business College is the only place in New Zealand where you can Graduate with a DOUBLE DIPLOMA in Fitness Business. The opportunity for you to then be a leader or manager in the fitness profession, own your own fitness business and stand out from the crowd as a top level personal trainer

Contact the positive, professional MAX NZ Team for more information about your new career as a top level personal trainer.

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Contact Details

Call or text Rowie (One of the MAX College Founders)  personally on +64 (0) 21 481 444.
The MAX team of experienced mentors and coaches will then help you to have a successful fitness career, and experience the customised , tailored education of the MAX top level personal training courses. After 30+ of her own successful fitness career, Rowie and the top level Mentors and Coaches at MAX will be personally involved to help you to have a rewarding fitness career. The MAX Double Diploma Program is about YOU being able to; choose your own hours, be your own boss and have a long term, successful, profitable career as a fitness professional / personal trainer in the fitness profession.