How to the choose the right course for personal trainers and build a career your love

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So you want to be a fitness professional, to have a job in the fitness profession or your own fitness business, but it is also a little bit scary.

People have told you that it can’t be done or told you that there are too many personal trainers, and it won’t work, and people share that with me every day.

So how the hell do you know where to study?

Now obviously there are people who are very successful in the fitness profession, and that is why we only have a tiny number of students.

Max only looks after a tiny number of students because we have a high level of care and that is done by a group of people who are top-level Fitness business coaches because a lot of my students say to me:

“Rowwie when we were starting out we didn’t know how to choose a course because who was going to be teaching us”

The Max coaches are successful and profitable in the fitness profession, and that is why we have a career guarantee.

Yes, we promise that you are going to get:
✓ A job

✓ A career path

✓ Or the fitness business that you want.

More than just a course for personal trainers

And we can do this because this is not just another personal training course or fitness qualification. Yes – you will still get the best, top-level fitness education.

But this is a business diploma and an advanced business diploma so we can guarantee you get the fitness career you want.

Because it is not just about getting your qualification, we look after you for a lifetime.

So it is not just about getting the bit of paper and leaving and hoping that you get a job, we guarantee that you will, and on top of that we look after you for the rest of your life.

A Lifetime Education

So it is a tiny level of students, with a high level of care, with top-level fitness business’s coaches, it is a double diploma in business and a lifetime education.

Please choose wisely, because I want you to be successful and profitable in the fitness profession.

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