Frequently Asked Questions

Common Fitness Career/personal training Questions

What is MAX?
No MAX is NOT a fitness course or a personal training course. MAX is a private Fitness Business College where you can graduate with a Double Diploma in Fitness Business and be in the top group of highly trained, highly skilled, fitness professionals in the world…

BUT how would you know that if MAX did not have a Fitness Career Guarantee?

Yes MAX will Guarantee you will have a fitness career.

What can I do in the fitness profession?

Do you want to work as a personal trainer in a gym or personal training studio?
Do you want to own your own gym or personal training studio?
Do you want to be a mobile personal trainer and train people on the beach in a park in their own home?
Do you want to be a fitness professional on a cruise ship?
Do you want to train athletes or sporting teams?
Do you want to help people to lose weight?

Whatever career path YOU choose – the MAX Team will give you all the help, support, skills, tools, knowledge you need, to make sure you have the fitness career you want

How does MAX have a 100% money back guarantee??
ALL you have to do is be a MAX graduated Executive Trainer, who completes the MAX Double Diploma Program in Fitness Business within 24 months. If you are and you can’t get a job, MAX will refund 100% of your $$$ – A top level, risk free, education!

YES… YES… YES… YES!!! And with a MAX Double Diploma in Fitness Business you will have lots more options…
You could work in a:

  • Health Club
  • Fitness Centre
  • Gym
  • Personal Training Studio
  • 5 Star Health Spa
  • On a Cruise Ship
  • Train a sporting team

You could start your own Fitness Business…

Buy a franchise with:

  • VISION Personal Training
  • Fernwood
  • Anytime Fitness
  • SNAP Fitness
  • Step Into Life
  • Les Mills in New Zealand
  • Fitness First
  • Contours
  • Configure Express
  • Curves
  • Linda Allen Fitness – Run With Me 24/7
  • TOMFIT fitness professionals
  • VELCA Healthy and Wellness Centre
  • Open your own Personal Training Studio
  • Open your own Health Club
  • Be a Mobile Personal Trainer and train people at their homes, in the park, on the beach!!

At MAX, we have lists of fitness positions available for you to apply for on our website, we have an exclusive interview you can attend to work on a cruise ship and your MAX Fitness Business DOUBLE DIPLOMA (Specialised to Fitness Business), as more than just personal training certificates, will help you with the tools you need to start your own fitness business!!

YES!!! You can have a Fitness Business Career…

MAX will Guarantee it!

MAX, unlike any other university, college, school or education provider in the world; where you enrol, you study, you get qualified, you graduate, you hope to get a job or have a career – MAX does not believe hope is enough – MAX will guarantee you can have a fitness business career, or fitness business if you choose to, following completion of the MAX Fitness Business Double Diploma…
OR we will refund your enrollment fee!!

MAX believes that with the completion of…
Your top level education in Fitness and Business – A DOUBLE Diploma in
fitness business, 24 months of personal career and business mentoring,
An Advanced Diploma in Business (specialised to fitness business)
— within 24 months (or sooner), you will have the career in fitness, or own your own fitness business, if you want to!! And if you do not – YES, MAX will refund your enrollment fee!!

A Double Diploma education that gives you a career you love – the best outcome for any education!!
A superb education at NO RISK!! You will have a DOUBLE DIPLOMA education on your Resume’/CV for a lifetime, the best education to keep you, your family and friends fit and strong-for a lifetime.

Don’t worry!! To get you into the profession of fitness as quickly as possible you will need practical skills‚ so we do not have stressful, written tests or exams!! You will participate in a final Diploma evaluation (we give you all of the questions at the start of the Diploma Program and then teach you all the answers until you not only know them, you understand them – WOW!!). Everyday you will have relevant practical quick quizzes, relevant knowledge checks, practical evaluations and daily fun learning experiences. We give you everything you need to know so you will know exactly what you need to learn. When you complete your personal training certificates and a Double Diploma with MAX, we aim to give you the tools to become a superb personal trainer/Fitness Professional, not just a casual personal trainer and with your DOUBLE DIPLOMA lifetime education you can keep studying and learning forever, as all professionals do.

The only Fitness Business Double Diploma Program in the world!!
The MAX Diploma Program is not for people who just want a personal training certificate to get a part-time job as a personal trainer. Please only apply to be accepted into the Fitness Business Double Diploma Program if you are serious about a long term career in Fitness Business; you want to own your own gym, personal training studio or personal training franchise business OR you want to manage a Health Club, gym or personal training studio OR you want to be a leader in the profession of fitness. At MAX you can complete fitness certificates (IV and III) AND diplomas in business so you can become a fitness professional!

The fitness certificates and qualifications you will receive are:
Diploma of Business (BSB50215)
Advanced Diploma of Business (BSB60215)
Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30315)
Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40215)

International Recognition: Once qualified we will help you register as a Fitness Professional in Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and 20+ other countries worldwide.

Your Choice of Learning Speed: Fast, slow, short or long, YOU CHOOSE. If you have experience, knowledge, skill or a background in fitness or sport, the MAX International College for Fitness Professionals is top level of education for fitness business in the world. If you have no previous skill, knowledge, experience or background in sport or fitness, you will be surrounded by people who have. This means you will learn quicker from their experience and knowledge.

The MAX Customised $$$ and Student Loan Program: Yes, you can take advantage of our easy to achieve, student loan with GO2 Finance who will tailor to a student loan to suit your budget. This means you can invest in your program on a weekly basis. We have students who have completed their Diploma Program and begun their new career in the fitness business so quickly, that they are completing their weekly payments with the money they are earning from their new career. WOW!!

A Lifetime Education Option for all MAX students: After you have invested in and completed The MAX Business DOUBLE DIPLOMA Program, you can study and revise your studies online, FOREVER, as our special gift. For YOU, this means you can update your knowledge, at any time, at no extra cost

NO, NO, NO. Your Diploma Program is all about how to get fit and be healthy the easy way. All you need to participate is a positive attitude and a passion and desire to learn all the latest information on health and fitness and then apply it for you and your clients!

YES! YES! YES! We have a MAX Team Player, chatting with and regularly visiting Personal Training Studios, Health Clubs, and Gyms, scouting out the best careers in fitness for you. All new fitness career opportunities are posted on our website immediately and as a team, all of us at MAX are committed to you achieving your fitness career goals

It will be an honour and a privilege to help you become a top level personal trainer ASAP!!

GREAT QUESTION!! We we are training and educating you for the Profession of Fitness AND we guarantee you will get a fitness career, so YOU have to have the highest standards in the fitness profession- MAX will make sure you do!!
YOU will have the health and well-being of your clients in your hands and as a profession we need the respect of the medical professionals and the government. The most rewarding career in the world, with the most responsibility for the health of our world -OF COURSE the standards are very high and they will continue to get higher!!

Do you want OUT of a job that is boring, unrewarding or is not making you happy? Do you LOVE fitness and helping people?

Do you want more than an average fitness course or personal training course so you can be a successful fitness professional long term?

Get a career you love with MAX. Enquire Today!

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