How to become a personal trainer

Can you have a Career as a top-level fitness professional?

Are you passionate about fitness? Do you want to help other people to be healthy, fit and strong? Do you want to have a career helping people to achieve their health and fitness goals?

HOW to make it happen? You may have a stack of questions; What qualification do I need to have to become a personal trainer? How long do I have to study? Where will that study get me in terms of a job? So it may be important for you to sit down and map out how you want to career to look before you start. Here is a blog post to help answer your questions about HOW to become a SUCCESSFUL Personal Trainer…Yes, it is possible, Yes you can have a professional career in fitness and here is how…

The top Questions to ask yourself before you choose a personal training course/education / where should I study?

First things first you need to answer a few questions, this will help you decide what kind of personal training course will suit your needs.

  1. What kind of job do you want in the fitness industry? A personal trainer? to run boot camps? to run group fitness classes? A gymnastics coach?
  2. Do you want to own your own gym, studio or freelancing pt business one day?
  3. Do you want to work while you study?
  4. Do you want to graduate and take pictures with your family when you finish studying?
  5. Who are fitness instructors you admire? Do you have any fitness mentors?
  6. Do you want to work overseas?
  7. What kind of Salary do you want to earn?

Which personal training course should you study?

Now that you know a little more about what you need its time to look at your top level education options. Do you want to be a superb Fitness Professional / Personal Trainer?

What are your study options?

Double Diploma in Fitness Business:

This is the top level fitness business qualification for fitness professionals.  Yes, you will be a fully qualified Personal Trainer but you will also have a stand-alone Business and Advanced Business Diploma so you have the skills, tools and knowledge to create, start, and grow a successful fitness business for YOU. The MAX Fitness Business Diploma is specifically designed for people who want to have their own fitness business, or who want to be the most valuable person in any fitness business so you can have a long-term successful career.

this is something we offer at Max fitness college more on that here

Certificate III & IV in Fitness – Your Top Level Personal Trainer Qualification

This specific qualification is designed to give you the in-depth knowledge, and the top level Personal Training skills, to be able to train your clients for the best results, in the safest, fastest, most effective way! Yes you will be a fully qualified Personal Trainer, ready and confident to train people in a gym, a health club, a personal training studio or fitness facility where your role is to train clients and get them their best results

this is something we offer at Max fitness college more on that here

What is the different between a good personal trainer and a top-level Fitness Professional?

The education you choose sets the course for your fitness career success. Too many people who are passionate about a fitness career end up struggling to attract clients so they are, “just getting by” or worse, they end up back in a job they hate. That is why MAX has a career guarantee!! YES, MAX Guarantees you will achieve your successful fitness career- or we refund your entire enrolment $$ and you keep your Double Diploma in Fitness business!! How can we do that?? Your MAX Double diploma education will give you all the skills, tools, knowledge, coaching, mentoring and support you need AND your MAX coaching, support and education is for a lifetime- we will always be here to help with your career success!!

When you are choosing the best education for you here are the top tips to consider…

And here are some suggested questions to ask when you are researching the best place to study (for anything)…
Please research and enquire with as many schools, colleges, universities and fitness course providers. Choosing the right place to study for a top level education and a long term career in the fitness profession is well worth the effort.
Please research:

  1. Is it a general education provider for a range of careers or is it specialised to your fitness career?
  2. Do they have a Career Guarantee? Will you get a job after you study?
  3. How long has the College or School been operating and who owns it?
  4. Are the owners passionate about fitness AND business education? A successful career in fitness means you must have the fitness AND business skills to help your gym / Personal Training Studio Fitness Business
    (or the one you work in) stay in business and be profitable
  5. Are the owners / teachers healthy, fit and strong – practicing what they preach?
  6. Who are your Teachers/Coaches? Are they successful doing what you want to do? What success, experience, knowledge and skills do they have in the area you want to study?
    Are they still practising Fitness Professionals /   athletes or just teaching a subject in a curriculum?
  7. Is there an acceptance / entrance requirement,  or will you be in a course with as many people as the college can enrol?
  8. The standard of education – what are the pass marks required and will this education give you the top level skills, training and knowledge you need to be successful in your new career?
  9. Will you be just another number or will you receive individual help and support- both while you study and after you are qualified and in the fitness profession?
  10. What are the professional standards of the College/school? Is there a uniform or professional dress code? Is punctuality, attendance and in depth knowledge respected and accepted.
  11. What is the VISION and purpose of the School/ College/ University? Is the vision in sync with your vision for your life and your career path?


Your new employer or your customers/ clients members in your new business deserve a true professional with a top level of education and professional standards.

Happy becoming a top level Fitness Professional with a successful career.

What makes MAX unique as an International Fitness Business College…


Yes MAX guarantees you will have a fitness career! All of our MAX Executive Fitness Professionals – graduates of the MAX Fitness Business and Advanced Fitness Business Diploma have the skills, tools and knowledge to have a successful fitness career. We want you to be successful in your career and this top level fitness education comes with a full money back guarantee. You will have a career in the fitness profession with your MAX Diploma education or we will give you your entire education fee back and you keep your Fitness Business Diplomas

What does Lifetime Education mean?

The MAX team is always there for you- before and AFTER you are a fully qualified fitness professional!! We want you to be successful long term and you may need the most important help, support, coaching and mentoring when you are DOING your career or fitness business, not just while you are studying for your top level education. YES,  you have full access to your education, the MAX resources, library, coaches, monthly workshops, weekly webinars, daily education updates, throughout your entire fitness career- yes for your lifetime! 

What is MAX Personal Coaching and Mentoring?

Real people, who are successful in the fitness profession, to make sure YOU have a successful Fitness Career!!

The MAX team is personally committed to your success in the fitness profession- that is why we your MAX Diploma Education has a career Guarantee! MAX is a personal education. No classrooms, no lecturers, and no groups of people studying at a different speed to you- no part-time or fulltime classes. MAX is education personally tailored to YOUR Time-frame, your study speed, your areas of most interest and YOUR fitness career- all with the best personal mentor for you- the one who has DONE what you want to do!

Tailored Student loans to suit YOUR Budget…

As you know, a top level education is never a, “Cheap” education. However, MAX has a specific student loan program tailored to suit YOUR budget. We never want $$$  to be the reason you can or cannot have the best education to have the career you want. AND the MAX Diploma program has a full money back guarantee. You will have the career you want or you will invest no $$$ AND you keep your Fitness Business Diploma. This is the no risk opportunity to have a long-term, successful fitness career or fitness business!!

Internationally Recognised Qualifications…

In a world where there are so many unqualified or poorly qualified fitness instructors and personal trainers, Congratulations for wanting to have the extra mile education that will make sure you stand out from any crowd. Your MAX Personal Trainer and Fitness Business Diploma is internationally recognised and there are MAX Graduates working ALL over the world in EVERY area of the fitness profession- we would be honoured to introduce you to them.

Study at YOUR speed…

No rushing through your education at other people’s speed AND / or no being held back if you already know or understand the topic. No part-time or full-time study- MAX is YOUR time study!! Study in the convenience of your own life, at the speed and time-frame that suits YOU- with ALL the help, coaching and mentoring YOU need, when YOU need it!

Start your fitness career today with MAX personal training courses.

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