What do people say about being a MAX student…

What the Fitness Profession has to say about the MAX Fitness College

  • Hey Row,

    I just thought that you might like to know what some of your past students are doing in the club. Our last 2 PRO Trainer of the month trainers were both from the MAX College!! Your students are definitely to be valued on a team -they present with professionalism and get consistent, positive feedback from our team, and our members. You will be pleased to note that of my current team of 27 trainers, 10 are MAX Graduates. Our motto for the PRO Trainer team is Let’s GO! That is with attitude and towards training. This team really loves to practice what they preach and it is great to have a team so committed to their own goals.
    Thanks for giving the profession so much more than a personal training course your students a top level education.

    Ben Richards
    Goodlife Health Clubs: Club Pro Trainer Manager
  • Hi Rowie,
    What an impressive Fitness College yourself and Kerry have developed up there at The MAX International College for Fitness Professionals. I was actually shell shocked to see how professional your students are in terms of manner and appearance. I was utterly embarrassed in my own appearance!!!! (Wearing my shorts as a PT uniform). My fitness education experience with a different fitness education provider and it has not given me anywhere near the development you have for your students, it is such a credit to yourself and Kerry for raising the standards of our fitness profession and setting the bar for everyone else to follow. I feel privileged to be affiliated with your fitness college of excellence and professionalism and I really look forward to growing myself in the same direction!
    I wish you all the very best of WOWS and hope today is always as good as the next!

    Damien Glynn
    Owner/ Director VISION Personal Training
  • I know your days at The MAX Fitness Business College are as fun as mine have been managing Jetts. My girlfriend Gabrielle Bailey has recently started your distance education program and she is absolutely loving the program and smashed through over 20 hours of it within the first week. I have also watched the program and I am really enjoying it as well because when I studied at MAX I did not see you and Kerry very often. Keep up the great work!! I think you are a fantastic role model and I wish everyone in the health and fitness profession were as bubbly as you.
    Thank you for helping me get to where I am today

    Blayde Hemmings
    Club Manager of Jetts Fitness in Toowoomba
  • Hi Rowie,
    Hoping all is going great guns for you and your team!
    I interview for Steiner in all of Australasia and your MAX Fitness Professionals/Personal Trainers are always the standouts! They are brilliant candidates and almost all are offered positions with Steiner, so thank you again for your on going support and also for producing and mentoring such great fitness trainer / personal; trainer candidates for Steiner (and the worlds best cruise ships).
    MAX students do extremely well on-board cruise ships as Personal Trainers becuase they have come from a college that teaches them so much more than a personal training course
    Thanks Rowie and hope to chat soon!

    Kerry Campbell
    Regional Recruitment Manager, Steiner (Cruises)
  • In life you have an expectation that you want met, a level of professionalism you expect when dealing with a business. MAX Fitness Business College provides a level of training that goes beyond all required levels as set out by the fitness profession.MAX students come out trained in all areas – Personal Training, Gym Instruction & the business aspects involved with Personal Training. The students have a level of professionalism that is unequalled.Fresh Start 4 Life Fitness Professionals Pty Ltd only choose the best trainers in the industry, MAX has proved to provide exactly that for our organization and will continue to do so.

    Corine Richards
    Director of FunFresh Start 4 Life Fitness Professionals
  • At VISION Personal Training we are constantly seeking Personal Trainers who have the education, motivation and commitment required to help our clients achieve their goals. Not only have Rowena & Kerry and their wonderful MAX team developed a great Fitness Business Diploma Program -so much more than a personal training course, they have a genuine passion to give their students the essential tools to become outstanding Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals. Their Diploma Program is a must for any Personal Trainer wanting to accelerate their long term fitness career. As a result, the first place we look when seeking new Personal Trainers and Managers is The MAX International College for Fitness Professionals.

    Andrew Simmons
    CEO, Director and Owner of Vision Personal Training Studios
  • Having been in the fitness profession for 8 years and being a Personal Trainer, now owner of a Fitness Business and employer of Personal Trainers I’ve seen the trends come and go, and I must congratulate you on being the leading “Stayer” in the fitness profession. MAX sets its standards HIGH for its Students which is a breath of fresh air, in a profession that needs an image change. We still face the criticism of allied health professionals with an uphill battle to gain the respect and recognition that Personal Training deserves in the Professional Health Arena. Having MAX as an Education Provider in the Fitness Profession that demands its Students act, behave and represents themselves as Professionals is a necessity and I’m proud to see MAX leading the way in professional standards.”

    Jodie Hebrard
    Owner and Director of the ZENERGY Group: Personal Training Studios
  • Hello beautiful Rowie from MAX
    How are you? I love your happy positive emails!!

    I just wanted you to know that I’m getting lots of MAX graduates coming through to apply for Step into Life Franchise venues. I can always recognise a MAX student as they turn up immaculately dressed. How awesome is that!! Keep up the amazing work that you’re doing in this world Rowie.

    Jenny Hannah, Step into Life
  • A massive congratulations on having the vision, commitment & courage to lead your profession in such a Top Level direction. With MAX, you continue to be the benchmark of fitness education in Australia, and now the rest of the world can benefit from your wisdom and insight. I am so pleased to be associated with you and your team.

    Wayne Junior Pearce
    Rugby League Legend Player, Super Coach and now, Australia’s Leading Business Performance Coach
  • It is sooo fantastic to have MAX to refer people to, knowing with 100% confidence that this is the oooonly place they should go to get their qualifications to become a health, exercise and lifestyle professional. So thank YOU!

    Nicola, Cutting Edge Performance

What Past Students Say About MAX

  • Dear Rowie,

    I hope you are doing phenomenal and that the Max College is doing great! I just wanted to say after reading your newsletter, that it is soooo refreshing to hear that those covered with tattoo’s and/or piercings are still asked to cover them up – that part of being a professional is being aware of this, thank you!

    On another note, I always look back at when I first came in contact with your college and I have never looked back and wouldn’t change a thing – I have you to thank for igniting my professional career and I was the one only the other day sharing with one of my athletes the story of ‘pushers, pullers and climbers’. After all these years, 8 now in fact (WOW), the lessons I learned all that time ago still serve their purpose – and if only others would still strive towards their; I know however those graduating from MAX will be, which is refreshing for society overall!

  • As part of the Fantastic NEW Melbourne Team I would like to Thank everyone that is behind the scenes providing us with all this great information.
    I am sure there are many of you involved in different parts of this AMAZING TEAM. I would like to introduce myself as BOUNCING BEC. The team we have at MAX Melbourne is great and as AWESOME and ENTHUSIASTIC as you all are. We look forward to hear from you via newsletters and emails.

  • Thank you for being an inspiration for me to be happy, positive and the best I can be everyday without the excuses. Thank you and cheers for the Max Team!! How eye-opening and inspiring it was to spend time with the MAX Team in Auckland. I really appreciate the time spent with me and I love that I am not doing one of those personal training courses where professional standards are not important. Greg, the MAX career Coach listens carefully and wants to help me succeed. Sparkly is sparklier than ever, I loved seeing the way she welcomes her new students. When I walked in she made me feel, she does a fantastic job at it. Tommy for instilling belief in myself, acknowledging every student always and making people smile 🙂 I always feel really awesome after chatting with Tommy. Phoenix left a most fantastic voice mail for me, it inspired me to continue on my journey of self-growth to success. I love the brain breaks we have with Phoenix, he makes class really fun.
    K-man’s time spent with me is invaluable. His class was full of golden nuggets like every class of his, I learn non-stop and it was also sooooper entertaining.
    Thank YOU Rowie for seeing the leadership in me.

  • Hello MAX Career Coach “G” Greg,
    We met at the careers expo 2011 in Melbourne and you changed my life!
    I still remember your massive smile at the expo. G you have driven me throughout my whole time at MAX and now I am about to Graduate. THANKYOU
    You are an inspiration to me, Thank you for everything. Have an absolutely FANTASTIC DAY,

  • Hi Rowie, The last three months have been the best three months of my life. I knew from the moment I made the decision to enter the MAX Diploma program and become a Health, Exercise and Lifestyle Professional, my world (and everyone else’s around me) would never be the same. The Program is so much more than a fitness course or personal training course and EVEN MORE than just a double diploma in Business and Fitness, it’s a diploma in LIFE.

    I’ve grown as a person tremendously and The Brisbane MAX Team have played a huge part in this as have you, Savvy and KMan. I’d like to thank you for this, and even having the opportunity to nominate Excellence awards to my amazing fellow students has been rewarding in itself!
    I am off to change the world…Warmest Regards Nicola

    Thank you all soooo freakin much for accepting me into the online learning course I really appreciate it and I’m looking forward to becoming a superb fitness professional! Time to dig in and start learning! I’m super excited to get into it! Keep it up because what you’re doing is amazing!!

  • Hi Rowie 🙂 I just wanted to tell you how much I absolutely love studying at Max. I am doing part time in Brisbane and it is 100% the best decision I have ever made. Benny is such an amazing coach every time he talks I am spellbound and I come away inspired! Every session I feel like he is talking directly to me, he makes studying enjoyable and I am learning so much. I have also really enjoyed the times Jeany has coached us I find her to be a great role model and a lovely person. So I just wanted to say thank you to you and K-Man for giving us all this fantastic opportunity, I am so excited for what this experience will bring for me and all my friends at Max!

  • Hello Steve, Rowie & KMan,Thank you all for creating and giving Max to people that will strive to be the very best. I am delighted to have the opportunity to continue building my knowledge, brand and business empire with brilliant, successful business professionals and especially Max, Health, Exercise and Lifestyle Professionals. Thank you for opening the door to endless opportunity for me, my beautiful children, the 2,000,000 people who will become my clients and all the people who I touch along the way to building my brand ‘Sharon Anyos Lifestyle’ from this day forward.

    I would like to say a Huge THANK YOU to you Rowie. For the FIRST time in my study/learning life I have learned all the ways to OUTSTANDINGLY do and definitely what NOT to do to be a success through your Max Excellence Checklist audio. I got to feel as if I were in front of you, hear your PASSION, your PROFESSIONALISM, have a GIGGLE and really get the best FEEL for Max through this audio.. You have really nailed the introduction to a successful students life and values right there. Awesome work. What a difference standing out makes.Most importantly please allow me to share that I WILL become the FIRST at home Max student to achieve excellence awards and the big one The Max Mastery Award. I will find FUN and INNOVATIVE ways to show you WHO and HOW I am making a huge difference as a Max Health, Exercise and Lifestyle Professional.

    Once again thank you for what each of you stand for. Especially by not just raising the bar in the professional standards and etiquette of the fitness profession. You have built it up on 20 foot cement ledgers where the ones who dare to make a difference will.

  • Hello Rowie and I am sure are outstanding!

    I just wanted to share my comments about the coaches we have at the MAX Brisbane College. I know that you know you have some really extraordinary people at MAX, but I have no doubt you still love to hear what a profit they leave in the College and for the students.
    I chat to other people online and we all agree that we are SO LUCKY to have you as our coach. We realise how much knowledge and experience you all have and you are skilled at communicating with us in a way that makes sense.
    Something I love and appreciate about all of the coaches is that they really, truly, 100% want all of us to be successful. Getting really honest feedforward can sometimes be daunting, but I really look forward to feedforward from the coaches at MAX because it comes from a place of wanting us to be the best, and they never make you feel bad about not being there yet.

    Thank you Rowie! MAX is sooo much more than just a fitness course or fitness Diploma-it is
    May your Tuesday be Terrific!

  • As a local Queenslander who’s journey with you started in your Queensland College.

    Let me celebrate what a positive impact you have on this world.
    I studied with you. I went to sea as a Steiner Fitness professional on 2 ships for 2 years. I played resort hop around the world including Thailand and Japan. I then launched into a glorious stage career and chose my ideal company to aim for. DISNEY, to bring magic and dreams coming true to hearts of the world. I achieved this and more. My smile grows every day here at Disney Cruise Line in America. Your emails constantly give back to me, in the way I give out each day. Thank you for giving me that balance. Best news EVER… This week I was offered a dream position. No longer a performer, But the role of a “2 stripe” officer and the Assistant Stage Manager position for all ship wide shows.
    Dreams come true and life is taking such great care of me. MAX is soooooo much more than a fitness course!!

  • Dear Rowena and Kerry, My name is Susan Sutton-Lloyd and I trained at your college in 2007. I created morehonestapproachtofitness! I returned back to the UK after my education with you and I will never forget the experience. I am living in the UK and have created a successful fitness Business -chiselthemiddle and NO LIMITS!!! I thought it would be really nice to let you know that I, as a previous student is doing really well. I would like to say a big thank you as my life changed and flourished having completed my training with your College.