Become a top-level fitness professional with MAX Personal Training Courses.

What is your career goal?

How do ‘YOU’ want MAX to HELP You?

MAX is much more than just a personal training certificate, diploma or pt qualification.

MAX exists to educate and inspire you, to help you set goals and achieve them as a top-level Personal Trainer, Fitness Professional and fitness business owner, so you can build a career helping people to be healthy, fit and strong.

MAX is a customised blend of:

✓ Studying online in the convenience of your own lifestyle and time frames, no having to come to a place at a time that does not suit you.
✓ Daily, weekly and monthly online supplementary workshops, audios, videos, newsletters and educational resources
✓ AND individual personalised lifetime help mentoring and coaching
✓ All to make sure you have a successful and profitable career or business as a top-level Personal Trainer / Fitness Professional.

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