Meet MAX Graduates

Don’t just take our word for it, find out about what it’s really like to study at, and graduate from MAX from our past students.

We’ve put people into a wide variety of fitness careers, businesses and we can help you too!

Specialist Trainer


MAX Graduate Ashleigh made her passion of training children a business with Active Attitude.

Studio Owner


MAX Graduate Mike quit his job and built Fit Lounge Studio to suit his lifestyle and business goals.

Studio Owner


MAX Graduate Taylor goes from Korean restaurant worker to owning his own @Fit Personal Training Studio.

Studio Owner


MAX Graduate Troy talks about establishing Velca Health Centre and his very own successful fitness business.

Personal Trainer


From an At Home Mum to a successful Personal Trainer – find out how Katrina made that amazing goal happen.

Studio Owner


Max Graduate Ross chats about his successful personal training studio, Busy Bodies.

Studio Owner


MAX Graduate Melissa quit her ‘slave job’ and now owns her own amazing AT Home “Benefit You Personal Training Studio”.

Gym Owner


MAX Graduate Cleo Brown goes from Miss Olympia to owning Olympia Body Transformation Sanctuary in the Brisbane CBD.

Studio Owner


MAX Graduate Kaz goes from working in a Supermarket to owning his very own At Home Personal Training Studio.

Studio Owner


MAX Graduate Adam worked in refrigeration, a job he hated. Now he owns his very own business called ACE Personal Training Studio.

Specialist Trainer


MAX Graduate Danielle took advantage of her ‘Life Time Education’ and now runs her very own ‘Machine Fit’ Bootcamp business.

Personal Trainer


MAX Graduate Jon went from being a dyslexic high school dropout to a Porsche driving successful Personal Trainer. He proved everyone wrong.

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