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Do you have a Job you Hate?
BUT…You just know you could be a great
Fitness Professional / Personal Trainer?

22.05.13 (12)

  • Do you want a career helping people to be Fit and Strong –

    Is it time to get out of the job you hate and have a career you love as a Top Level Personal Trainer?


  • MAX is a top level education for Fitness Professionals

    Are you looking for more than the basic personal training courses available? Do you want to be much more than the average personal trainers who have just a base level education


  • And how much does a top level education cost?

    The MAX Fitness Business College has a student loan to suit your budget (even if your budget is tiny). At MAX, $$$ will never be a reason you cannot have the very best education


  • And how do I study?

The only way you should ever learn-the best way to suit your lifestyle!! MAX will customise, tailor and personalise the MAX Fitness Business Diploma to suit your learning style, your time frame and your career goals. at MAX, the focus is YOU and YOUR career goals


Rowie (The MAX College Founder) Personally Answers Your Questions about how to have a Successful, Full-time, Fitness Career
(please invest the time to listen)

206Have you ever thought you are too young to have a fitness business or fitness career?
Find out how YOU CAN…

Find out How

Over 25 Web photoYou can have a fitness business or fitness career?
Find out How and hear the folks who HAVE!!

Find out How

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How to have a Top Level Fitness Career…
(Happy watching)

Meet Successful MAX Students

(Use the arrows to scroll left and right through personal chats with successful MAX Graduates)

How YOU can have a top level fitness career…

Researching a new Career can be fun, exciting and scary all at once!!
And then you have to find a place to study and how do you choose??

Why is MAX different?

MAX is literally the opposite of the average school, college or University in the world today.
Education for most consists of; enroll, study general information, get a general qualification and then hope to get a job-getting most of your knowledge and education “On the job”??
The MAX Diploma Program will make sure you are “Ready and Confident” to start your new fitness career, when you Graduate and here is how…

MAX will ask you the 2, BIG, important 2 questions about any education…

1. WHAT do you want to do? What career path, job, business do you want to have? We believe your education should guarantee your outcome-you get the job, not just a qualification!!

2. WHEN do you want to do it?
We think your education should fit your time frame, lifestyle and availability- not ours!!

The MAX Education promise: What will YOU Get?
1. The top level qualification for the career path you want
2. The very best education, skills, tools and knowledge you need to achieve that career
3. All the mentoring, back-up, help and support you need while you are studying AND
after you are qualified to make sure you are the very best for the career path you choose

And what is the MAX Double Diploma Program?
The MAX top level education – The Executive Trainer. (Double Diploma in Fitness Business)

This top level fitness business education includes;

  • A Double Diploma in Fitness Business (Incl. Certificate III in Fitness and Certificate IV in Fitness, Fitness Business Diploma and an Advanced Fitness Business Diploma)
  • A customised, tailored, personal education to suit your career goal
  • A convenient mix of Online learning, face-to-face workshops and weekly online webinars
  • Personal, one-on-one study Mentor sessions with your own successful fitness coach -while you study and after you Graduate


  • Introduction, access, connection and networking with the most successful fitness business owners and fitness professionals in the world


  • Top level, ongoing help and support while you study and after you are qualified


  • A lifetime of ongoing upgrade and up-skill education


  • AND a career guarantee (of course some conditions do apply)
    The Fitness Profession needs MORE professional people and if you are, you will get the career you want!!

So most of the, ‘Scary’ is gone and you can focus on the, “exciting” and all the great opportunities available for you. Health Clubs, Personal Training Studios, Gyms, Cruise Ships, sporting teams, Five Star Health Spas, Five Star Resorts and Five Star Hotels all looking for highly skilled, highly trained fitness professionals so there are so many opportunities for you.

Greg, the MAX International Career Coach would love to chat with you in person, by Skype, or on the phone. He can answer all of your questions and help you find the very best way to become a qualified Fitness Professional so you can get started in your new fitness career as soon as it is best for you. Greg is a fitness business owner too so a great guy to ask about opening your on business or what you need to do to be employed at a top level facility like his

MAX College Founder – Call or text Rowie on + 64 21 481 444 from Australia or 021 481 444 from New Zealand


Call or text the MAX International Career Coach Greg on 423-376-294 from Australia or  +61 423 376 294 from New Zealand HAPPY READING!! –there is lots of information below…

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And now you must have questions…

1. When can I study and how long will it take for me to become a fully qualified top level fitness

You could start studying today!!And you can complete your education in a time-frame that suits you. To be eligible for the Career Guarantee you will need to complete your Double Diploma within 18 months – but you can take as long as you need to OR, we have focused, committed MAX Graduates completed the entire Diploma Program within in a few short months so they could start their amazing new fitness career as quickly as possible!

  • YES, YES, YES, you can study from the convenience of your own computer screen and in your own time.
  • Unlike any other online education program in the world today – ALL of your Diploma Sessions have been filmed in real time – better than being in a classroom because the Fitness Business Coach is chatting directly to you
  • All the resources you need and the assessments/knowledge checks and a HUGE resource library are online
  • AND yes you have face-to-face access to your MAX Coaches and Mentors in Auckland, Christchurch, Brisbane and Sydney (and worldwide via Skype)

2. Can I afford a top level education?

Get out of a job you hate and into a fitness career you love today: MAX Student Loan Options can be as low as $59 a week

If you hate your job and you are passionate about fitness and helping people be fit-no more Mondays in a job you hate-please contact us today

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