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Do you have a Job you Hate?

Is it time to get out of the job you hate and have a career as a Top Level Personal Trainer?

Rowie (MAX College Founder) Personally Answers Your Questions about having a Fitness Career

MAX Study Options

  • 24HR Personal Help & Support Online

  • Weekly Online Workshops & Seminars

  • Personal Help, Support, & Face to Face Workshops - Weekly & Monthly

  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness

  • REPS Registered & Recognized in AU and NZ

  • Internationally Recognised in 35 Countries

  • Double Diploma in Fitness Business

  • Advanced Diploma of Business

  • Lifetime Education (Online & In Person)

  • We Guarantee Your Fitness Career

  • 12 Sessions of Study & Career Mentoring

  • Weekly Student Loan Investment

How to Become a Top Level Personal Trainer

  • $53.46

How to Become a Top Level Executive Trainer

  • $96.65

Meet Successful MAX Students

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All About Studying at MAX

Researching a new Career can be fun, exciting and scary all at once!! Please consider the opportunity of having a top level education with MAX. There are fitness instructor and personal trainer qualification options with MAX and you can choose the top level education – The Executive Trainer, which includes;

  • A Double Diploma in Fitness Business
  • An Advanced Diploma in Fitness Business
  • 12 personal, one-on-one Career and Business Mentoring sessions and ongoing help and support while you study and after you are qualified
  • A lifetime of ongoing upgrade and up-skill education
  • AND a career guarantee!!


So most of the, ‘Scary’ is gone and you can focus on the, “exciting” and all the great opportunities available for you. Health Clubs, Personal Training Studios, Gyms, Cruise Ships, sporting teams, Five Star Health Spas, Five Star Resorts and Five Star Hotels all looking for highly skilled, highly trained fitness professionals so there are so many opportunities for you. Please do not stay in a job you hate when you can definitely have a career you love-our MAX Graduates do!!

Greg, the MAX International Career Coaches would love to chat with you in person or on the phone. He can answer all of your questions and help you find the very best way to become a qualified Fitness Professional so you can get started in your new fitness career as soon as it best for you.

MAX International Career Coach – Call or text Greg on + 61 (0) 423 376 294
HAPPY READING!! –there is lots of information below…

When can you study and how long will it take for you to become a fully qualified top level fitness professional?

You could start studying today!!

And you can complete your education in a timeframe that suits you. To be eligible for the Career Guarantee you will need to complete your Double Diploma within 18 months-but you can take as long as you need to OR, we have focused, committed MAX Graduates who have had a fitness career to start and have completed the entire Diploma Program within in a few short months

  • YES, YES, YES, you can study from the convenience of your own computer screen and in your own time.
  • Unlike any other online education program in the world today- ALL of your Diploma Sessions have been filmed in real time-better than being in a classroom because the Fitness Business Coach is chatting directly to you
  • All your textbooks, the PowerPoints, assessments and knowledge checks are online


And your Executive Trainer Program also includes;

  • 2 monthly face-to-face practical and technical workshops in Brisbane and Auckland (if you cannot attend they are filmed and available for you to watch online)
  • 2 weekly Online workshops via Skype
  • 12 personal mentoring sessions-6 while you are studying and 6 after you are fully qualified
  • The Advanced Diploma in Fitness Business
  • A lifetime of update, ongoing education
  • Your Career Guarantee – You have a full 18 months to complete your Executive Trainer Program and to get a job in the fitness profession. If you Graduate as an Executive Trainer within 18 months and you do not get a job, MAX will refund half of your enrolment $$ and you keep your Double Diploma and Advanced Diploma Qualifications AND you still have full access to your lifetime education!!

And how much? What is the $$$ investment in your new education?

YES, YES, YES, The MAX Double Diploma Program is a top level, private college education. However, we have a specialised education finance company, GO2 Finance, who are very helpful with a student loan option to suit your budget. Big or small, $$$ will never be the reason you cannot be a fully qualified, MAX Health, Exercise and Lifestyle Professional.
NOTE all MAX student payment plans and loan options can be fully customised to suit YOU. With a deposit, your loan can be shorter, your weekly payments less or more and you can invest in your education in full so you do not have to have a student loan.

MAX Student Loan Options:

  1. Become a Top Level, fully internationally qualified  Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer: To become a fully qualified, highly skilled, fitness instructor or personal trainer, ready and confident to train your own clients and /or work in a Health Club or Personal Training Studio or on Cruise Ships. Your student loan will be $53.46 a week, no deposit, 24 month time-frame (and a reminder that with a deposit you could shorten up the loan time)
  2. EXECUTIVE TRAINER: To become a fully qualified, highly skilled, fitness instructor, and   personal trainer and fitness professional who can manage a fitness business or own one.   Your student loan will be $96.65 a week, no deposit, 24-month time-frame (and a reminder that with a deposit you could shorten up the loan time)

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Personal Training Qualification

The MAX personal training courses are designed to get you qualified and ready for the fitness profession. You will receive all the training and information you need to become a great personal trainer, training clients at a gym, studio, or anywhere else you might be training clients! Of course this course is accompanied by our career guarantee, meaning that if after 12 months you don't have a job in the fitness profession, we will refund 50% of your investment.

Executive Training Qualification

The MAX executive qualification will give you the skills and knowledge required to start your own fitness business. Your education will be personalised to your goals, instead of trying to adapt them from one of the standard personal training courses available. Of course this course is accompanied by our career guarantee, meaning that if after 12 months you don't have a job in the fitness profession, we will refund 50% of your investment.

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