Do you love being fit but have a Job you Hate?

And you know you could be a great fitness professional or personal trainer?

About MAX

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MAX is literally the opposite of the average school, college or University in the world today.

Education for most consists of; enroll, study general information, get a general qualification and then hope to get a job-getting most of your knowledge and education “On the job”??

The MAX Diploma Program will make sure you are “Ready and Confident” to start your new fitness career, when you Graduate and here is how…

MAX will ask you the 2, BIG, important 2 questions about any education:

  1. WHAT do you want to do? What career path, job, business do you want to have? We believe your education should guarantee your outcome-you get the job, not just a qualification!!
  2. WHEN do you want to do it?
    We think your education should fit your time frame, lifestyle and availability- not ours!!

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The MAX Education Promise: What Will You Get?

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  1. The top level qualification for the career path you want
  2. The very best education, skills, tools and knowledge you need to achieve that career
  3. All the mentoring, back-up, help and support you need while you are studying and after you are qualified to make sure you are the very best for the career path you choose

What is the MAX Double Diploma Program?

The MAX top level education – The Executive Trainer. (Double Diploma in Fitness Business)

This top level fitness business education includes:

  • A Double Diploma in Fitness Business (Incl. Certificate III in Fitness and Certificate IV in Fitness, Fitness Business Diploma and an Advanced Fitness Business Diploma)
  • A customised, tailored, personal education to suit your career goal
  • A convenient mix of Online learning, face-to-face workshops and weekly online webinars
  • Personal, one-on-one study Mentor sessions with your own successful fitness coach -while you study and after you Graduate
  • Introduction, access, connection and networking with the most successful fitness business owners and fitness professionals in the world
  • Top level, ongoing help and support while you study and after you are qualified
  • A lifetime of ongoing upgrade and up-skill education
  • AND a career guarantee (of course some conditions do apply)


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About the MAX Career Guarantee

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MAX exists to create and educate the very best Fitness Professionals and you have our commitment, we will make sure you are ready and confident for the Fitness Profession before you leave MAX. You will then have our ongoing help and support after you are fully qualified.

If you do not get the career you want, with your top level, Executive Trainer, MAX Fitness Business Education, we will, subject to certain conditions, refund half of your investment and you will still keep your prestigious, top level education qualifications and certificates.

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How Much Does it Cost to Study at MAX?

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Get out of a job you hate and into a fitness career you love today: MAX Student Loan Options can be as low as $59 a week

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MAX Student Loan Information

“MAX, as a registered credit provider provides student loans to its Students through its Finance Brand, GO2 Finance. Shown below are examples of MAX’s Standard Loan Agreement and Loan Disclosure Statement for a MAX Student Loan, as is required by the Credit Contract and Consumer Finance Amendment Act 2014.

MAX works with all new enrolments where possible to tailor a Student Loan specifically to meet their needs and therefore the exact costs of borrowing will in these circumstances differ slightly to that detailed in the attached Loan Disclosure Statement. In this instance, the exact information is  disclosed to all Students before entering into any loan documentation.

MAX issues qualifications thorough its own Registered Training Organisation, MAX Qualifications Pty Limited which is registered with the Australian Qualifications Authority. For this reason NZ Students are not able to participate in the NZ Government Student Loan Scheme or apply for NZ Student Allowances.

In order to simplify the Enrolment and Student Loan process for new students, the Student Enrolment, Loan Application and Loan Documentation are all completed “on line” and are executed in electronic form as is provided for in the Electronic Signatures Act 2002.

Disclosure Statement – Loan Agreement

Program Sample

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Learn and become qualified for your new fitness career from experienced expert Coaches and Mentors who collectively have over 100 years of fitness business experience.

Have access to over a thousand video and audio presentations and lessons on all areas of fitness and business that will get you qualified and confident so you can become a successful fitness professional in any areas of the fitness profession including becoming a personal trainer, gym and group exercise instructor, personal training studio and gym owner, boot camp trainer, sports trainer, trainer on cruise ships and fitness business owner.

As a part of your MAX Life Time Education, you will have access to these thousands of educational video and audio lessons for the rest of your professional life to refresh and update your knowledge and skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I study and how long will it take for me to become a fully qualified top level fitness professional?

You could start studying today!!And you can complete your education in a time-frame that suits you. To be eligible for the Career Guarantee you will need to complete your Double Diploma within 18 months – but you can take as long as you need to OR, we have focused, committed MAX Graduates completed the entire Diploma Program within in a few short months so they could start their amazing new fitness career as quickly as possible!

Where do I study from?

You can study from the convenience of your own computer screen and in your own time.

Unlike any other online education program in the world today – ALL of your Diploma Sessions have been filmed in real time – better than being in a classroom because the Fitness Business Coach is chatting directly to you
All the resources you need and the assessments/knowledge checks and a HUGE resource library are online

Do I have access to my coaches and mentors?

Yes you have face-to-face access to your MAX Coaches and Mentors in Auckland, Christchurch, Brisbane and Sydney (and worldwide via Skype)

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  • Fitness Executive
    (Personal Trainer)

    $ 59.37 week
    • MAX Guarantees You'll get a Job
    • A Lifetime Education
    • Study Where it's Convenient for You in the Time-Frame you Decide
    • Certificate III & IV in Fitness
    • Monthly Face to Face Workshops
    • Weekly Online Webinars
    • A Full-Time Study Coach for Study Help and Support
    • REPS Registration Ready
    • Your Prestigious Graduation Day

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