Choose a career in fitness and never have a job again

Are you doing what you love? Choose a career in fitness and never have a job again. Build a career you love Learn more about how to set the tracks for a career success.


What were you gonna be when you grew up, and have you grown up and you haven’t done it yet? Do you have the music in you but you’re not singing, you’re not dancing, you’re not doing what you absolutely love to do. Have you got the fitness in you, do you love going to the gym, do you love exercising more than you love going to work? Why don’t you turn work into your career, into fitness, into being a fitness professional? Why not make fitness your life? Get paid for it and travel the world to do it. My name is Rowena and I’m one of the founders of the Max Fitness Business College Internationally.

And you don’t want to wake up anymore on a Monday morning feeling sick about having to go to a job that you hate. If you don’t like your boss and you don’t like the people that you work with and you haven’t chosen the career path that you love, you’ve got a job and you go to work. This is, I do what I love and I love it. And, that’s one of my favorite life philosophies, don’t have a job because job stands for just over broke. Even if you’re earning a lot of money, if you don’t love it you’re broke, physically, mentally, spiritually, you hate it. Don’t go to work, because work is doing something you love but you are doing something else. Please choose to have the career that you love, never a job that you don’t. And if you’re passionate about fitness, please choose the fitness profession and please be at your very best in our profession. Welcome to the fitness profession.

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