How to start your fitness career and build the career of your dreams [ With a Career Gaurantee ]

Do you dream of owning your own gym, fitness studio or personal training business one day? Building a successful fitness career starts with a good education in business as well as fitness. It is one thing to know the perfect form for doing a lunge or how to build muscle and another thing entirely to build a business, market yourself, find customers, balance the books and manage staff.

You wouldn’t try and build a house without an understanding of building code and substandard materials… so why would you build a career that way.

In this video Rowwie walks you through the importance of education in building a successful fitness career and talks you through our career gaurantee.


Fitness business education is all about getting the outcome that you want. And I’m at Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills scouting for properties for some students, our Max graduates Ryan and Julian who wanted to have a top-level fitness studio in a top-level location. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, America where people are really wanting to look good and feel amazing.

So what am I doing here? I want to make sure that my students get the best place possible to put their fitness studio.

And that’s what education should be about. It should be about the people that are educating you wanting you to achieve your goal and that’s why Max has a career guarantee.

Choose the right education to build the career of your dreams.

So it’s not just about a top-level fitness business education and yes you will get a double diploma in the fitness business.

You’re going to get all the skills, tools and knowledge that you need to be successful and profitable in business. You’re going to get all the coaching, mentoring and support that you need.

I’m out looking for customer training studios, and I think like found the best one for Ryan and Julian. It’s two stories gorgeous boutique position on Rodeo Drive. I’m doing it because I want my students to be successful. That’s what coaching and mentoring should be all about.

We Guarantee your success.

But how would you know any of that? How would you know that Max is really good at what we do if we didn’t have a career guarantee? So we do. Yes, you’ll have a double diploma in Fitness Business but most importantly whether you decide to have your own business, working somebody else’s business, train movie stars in Hollywood, train the lead athletes around the world, work on a cruise ship, have a home studio, train people in your local area, be a mobile trainer, be a boot camp instructor, we’re gonna make sure that you get the outcome that you want and that’s our promise.

How does to MAX Career Guarantee Work?

So let me explain the career guarantee to you. You will get a double diploma in Fitness Business. Once you’ve completed that, if you don’t get the career path that you want, we will refund the entire program fee but you will keep your double diploma in Fitness Business and you’ll still be able to have coaching and mentoring.

Choose your Diploma in Fitness and Business with care

So I’m asking you, please choose the best education for you. The one that genuinely cares about whether or not you get an outcome. It’s not just about a bit of paper.

There are plenty of personal trainers and plenty of fitness instructors but there are very few top-level fitness professionals who get the outcome that they want which is a career that they love and they’re profitable and successful waking up every day doing something that they’re really excited about. So if you would like to have a personal training studio on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, America, then let me help you do that.

Not sure how to become a personal trainer in New Zealand? We have put some information together about how to build a successful career based on your career goals. What kind of fitness career do you want?

Work in a gym as a fitness trainer    |    Own your own gym or PT studio   |    Be self-employed as a personal trainer    |     Become a Specialist Trainer  

Do you have questions? 

Tell us a little more about your career goals and we will put you in touch with your local fitness career advisor to see if the Max program might be a good fit for you

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