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So, you want to be a personal trainer, a fitness professional. Or maybe you’d like to have your own home studio or a commercial personal training studio. Or perhaps you’d like to own your own gym. You’re really passionate about fitness and you really want to help people to be healthy, fit, and strong. But, the question is, can you make enough money? Enough money so you can go shopping so that you can pay your bills so that you can live your life? And you might be in that position right now where you’ve got a nice, safe, secure job that you don’t love as much as it would be to have a top-level career as a fitness professional, but you feel safe and secure there because it’s paying you an income.

Become a top-level fitness professional

My name’s Rowena. I’m one of the founders of the MAX Fitness Business College Internationally, and very proudly and happily will share with you that my MAX graduates, who are very good at what they do, are earning much more than accountants, and architects, and lawyers, and they’re working fewer hours. And the reason I know that is because they used to be doctors, and lawyers, and accountants, and architects, and they’re now fitness professionals. And they’re earning much more than they were before, but they’re working fewer hours, and more importantly, they’re doing something that they really love to do.

What kind of salary can you expect if you are a personal trainer or own your own gym?

So, the all-important question is, if you’re going to do this for the money, you probably want to know, can you earn the money? Now, I will share with you that average personal trainers don’t earn very much money. That’s absolutely true. There are lots of gyms who don’t make very much money. That’s absolutely true. And there’s boot camp instructors and exercise instructors who don’t earn very much money.

Why do some personal trainers earn less money than others?

And that’s because they have an average education. They don’t know their stuff. They don’t know how to market themselves. They don’t know how to sell their business effectively. They don’t have good customer service systems. They don’t even know the muscles and bones of the body. And you know that because you’ve seen them. There are lots of average personal trainers in lots of average gyms.

How to get the best possible personal trainer salary.

But, my MAX graduates who have their own fitness facilities, gyms and studios…I can introduce you personally to MAX graduates who are earning more than $1 million a year as a fitness professional. They have a business that is providing them not just with an income, but with profit of $2 million to $3 million a year. They have a business inside somebody else’s business, which is really exciting, and they’re only paying $150 or $200 a week rate to a big health club. And they’re earning $100,000 a year with no expenses, and all the members are already part of their marketing plan.

Build a career your love!

So, when somebody tells you that you can’t be financially successful in the fitness profession, that’s just not true. Do your numbers on the hours that you’re working at the moment. If you’re working 40 hours a week at the moment for somebody else, doing something that you don’t love to do, first of all, I think that’s really a big waste of time and money because you hate it. Or you’d rather be doing something else. And I call that work.

If you really want to do something that you love, money doesn’t matter, and you’d do it for free, but interestingly, when you would do it for free, that’s when the money comes because people want to be involved with you because you’re passionate about what you do. You’re the best in the world at what you do because you’ve got a great education and you want to keep studying and training, which is why MAX has got a lifetime education.

And most importantly, because you love what you do and because you are earning the amount of money that you need to earn, you’re not constantly thinking, “Oh, where’s my next money going to come from to pay my next bill?” And I don’t want anybody to live like that.

So, as a fitness professional who’s lived all of my life, from when I was 13 years of age, now I’m well over 50, and I’ve never had another job and I’m financially free, I’ll share that with you because it’s possible and I’d love to introduce you to the hundreds and thousands of other people that are doing the same thing. So, when somebody tells you that you can’t be financially successful in the fitness profession, that is true if you’re an average personal trainer, you’re an average fitness instructor. If you’re really good at what you do, and you have a top education, then you can earn top professional income.

Where do you want to study?

So, please choose a top-level fitness business education. It’s not just about how to train people. It’s about how to run your business so that you have great financial planning, so that you can retire, if you want to, financially free. But you don’t have to retire if you don’t want to because you love what you do. Wouldn’t that be a fantastic way to live your life every single day, and then go shopping when you want to because you are financially free?

We have put some information together about how to build a successful career based on your career goals. What kind of fitness career do you want?

Work in a gym as a fitness trainer    |    Own your own gym or PT studio   |    Be self-employed as a personal trainer    |     Become a Specialist Trainer  

Would you like to know more about becoming a top level fitness professional and how to build a successful career in the fitness industry? Please get in touch below, we would love to hear from you and learn more about your fitness goals.

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