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Are you looking for a personal training course in Brisbane? In this great Video Rowwie talks you through everything you need to know about studying fitness and business in Brisbane.


So you live in Brisbane, you live in Queensland, one of the most beautiful places in the world, and you’d like to be a top-level fitness professional, you’d like to be a personal trainer or you’d like to work in a gym, run your own boot camps, be outside as a fitness professional or a personal trainer.

But how do you know what’s the best education to get? How do you know where to study? How do you know if you’re going to be like the average personal trainers who don’t know very much and who aren’t very good? And they’re gonna tell you, as average personal trainers, “There are too many trainers and there are not enough clients and there are too many gyms and you can’t make enough money and your clients cancel and it’s just not a good career path.”

Where to study in Brisbane

Well, that’s true for average personal trainers, but if you wanna be a top-level fitness professional and earn the same income as professional people do like doctors and accountants and lawyers and engineers, and if you want to be that person, then you have to get a top-level fitness business education.

So yes, you have to understand anatomy, physiology, exercise programming, nutrition, how to train your clients effectively to get the best results possible in the shortest period of time, in the safest way possible. But let me share with you that having managed health clubs in Brisbane, and in Australia, and in the U.S., and in Europe, one of my biggest challenges as the health club manager was finding great personal trainers.

Yes, there are plenty of people that have got a bit of paper that says “Personal Trainer,” but it’s a whole different story to actually know what that means. Do you know how the body works? Do you understand all the systems in the body? Do you understand how the body puts fat on, and burns it off? Do you understand why you’re giving somebody an exercise, not just giving it to them? And that’s about understanding your stuff and that’s about being a professional.

Make sure you choose the best fitness course in Brisbane for your career goals.

So that’s why you need an in-depth education, not just a base entry level fitness course, and there’s plenty of those and they’re really cheap and they’re really easy to find. And it will make your average like everybody else. If you wanna stand out from a very big crowd, it’s very easy to be successful when you have a top-level fitness business education.

Make sure you choose a fitness course/ personal training course with a focus on business

So the second part that’s really important is that you understand business, whether you have your own business or you’re working in somebody else’s. If you don’t understand marketing and sales and superb communication and leadership, there’ll be no business. So there’ll be no way to train people, and you won’t have any clients. And if you do have clients you’ll lose them because you don’t understand about client retention and great customer service.

Where most Brisbane personal trainers fail 

And yes, there are plenty of personal trainers but there are very few that understand the importance of running a business successfully. So if you wanna be valuable to your business and all of the business that you work in, make sure that you can attract clients, that you can keep your clients, that your clients don’t cancel…and that’s one of the things that those average personal trainers will tell you, “My clients always cancel.”

But when you have superb communication techniques and you understand how to train people effectively and communicate with them effectively, they won’t cancel and they will refer their family and friends to you as well.

So that’s about having a full, rounded education.

Now the Max Fitness Business College is an international college. I have students from all over the world. However, once a week you can online-chat with the entire student base if you want to because we have online webinars every week.

We have face-to-face workshops in Brisbane every single month and you can study in the personal privacy of your own home. So this is not an online course, it’s not a sit in a classroom with a bunch of people that may or not be interested in the same thing that you are, this is an online study at the time that suits you, in the time frame that suits you, at the speed that suits you.

So you can rewind the program. It’s been filmed in real time. So it’s better than sitting in a classroom because the coach is talking directly to you. You can rewind it if you wanna hear it again, you can fast forward if it’s something that you feel that you know already. Most importantly, you get to study at the time that suits you. So please make sure that the education that you get isn’t designed for generically somebody else or generically a group of people that just want to get a bit of paper.

The Max program is about coaching and mentoring.

So I’ll give you an example. Imagine if you wanted to study a computer business and you looked at the best in the world. So you had access to perhaps Steve Jobs or Bill Gates and they had created a program that helped you have a computer business and you could watch the entire program filmed in real time by the people who are the best in the world at it.

So then if you have a question, you pick up the phone, you say, “Bill, Steve, can you please answer this question for me?” Well, that’s what the Max program is. I’ve been in the fitness profession for over 30 years and the other coaches at Max the same. And the idea is that you have a personal coach and mentor that when you have a question you pick up the phone, you skype, we get together face to face and we answer your questions personally.

So I’m asking you from the bottom of my heart to yours to get the best education.

Our profession has too many average personal trainers. We have too many people who think they know everything but they’re not getting the best results for their clients. If you really wanna make this your profession, as I have. For the last 30 years, I’ve never had to do anything else. I’ve been in the fitness profession and loved every single day, as a gym instructor or personal trainer, 23 years of group exercise, instructing, managing health clubs all over the world. People said to me, “Rowe, you can’t make money from the fitness profession.”

And I ended up being on the BRW Young Rich List, which is the Australian young rich list. “Rowe, you’re one of the richest people in Australia under the age of 40.” I share that with you because too many people are going to tell you that you can’t be financially successful in the fitness profession. And you can and you will if you have an in-depth education.

So this is your year to become a top-level fitness professional, not just an average personal trainer. It will be an honor and a pleasure to help you do that. And Max is here, not just to get your qualification, it’s for a lifetime. So what’s gonna happen is after you’re fully qualified, a lot of my time is invested in Max students who are growing their businesses, expanding their fitness careers.

So it’s not just to get a bit of paper and hope that you’re going to be successful. Max has a lifetime education with a career guarantee. So I’m gonna finish with that. How can we possibly guarantee that you’re gonna get a career in the fitness profession? When you have a double diploma in fitness, business, and you have coaching and mentoring all the way through the program and for the rest of your life, of course, you’re going to get the outcome that you want. I’m committed to making sure that you do. So if you wanna be a top-level fitness professional, I’d love to help you. It’d be an honor and a pleasure.

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