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Are you looking for a personal training course in Melbourne? Would you like to build a career in the fitness industry? Whether you want to work in the gym as a fitness trainer, own your own gym or PT studio, be a self-employed personal trainer or become a specialist personal trainer. To build a career you love it all starts with the right education.

Here is Rowwie,  Your fitness career advisor and founders of the Max Fitness Business College internationally with a video about studying personal training in Melbourne, and what you need to study, learn and practice to become a top-level fitness professional… Don’t just be average!


You live in Melbourne, one of the most active cities in Australia. And there are more people exercising in gyms and using a personal trainer than anywhere else in Australia. So how do you become a top-level fitness professional, not just an average personal trainer because we’ve got plenty of those and we don’t need anymore? And I’m coming at you from some very personal experience. I’ve managed health clubs in Australia, the U.S. and in Europe. And one of the biggest challenges, when you own or manage a health club, is finding great people.

Be a top-level fitness professional in Melbourne

There are plenty of personal trainers who have got a bit of paper that says, “I’m a personal trainer” or “I’m a gym instructor” or “I’ve got a cert three, cert four” but there are very few people who really understand the importance of being a top-level fitness professional. So it’s not just about being able to train somebody.

Build your knowledge and your client’s confidence in your skills.

Yes, you have to know how to get people the best results possible in the shortest period of time in the safest way possible, you have to know the way you are training somebody that way and how it works. And you will know that most personal trainers, if you ask them, “Why are we doing this exercise and how does it work?” they’ll go a little bit purple because they don’t know the answer.

They’ve just done a course, answered a couple of questions and hoped that they’ve got the in-depth knowledge. Well, that doesn’t cut it. You’re looking after people that have got coronary heart disease, type II diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, obesity, people that need your help as a fitness professional. They need us to know our stuff.

Don’t be an average Melbourne personal trainer… Be so great people refer all of their friends to you.

So please don’t just become an average trainer with an average qualification, an average bit of paper that says, yeah maybe I can help people. So you’ve gotta know anatomy, physiology, exercise programming, nutrition and understand them in depth and be able to explain them effectively to not just your clients but what if your clients gotta explain it to their friends and family so that you got referrals to the business. And that’s a second part of being a top-level fitness professional. Please don’t be so irresponsible to go out into the fitness profession and not understand how business works.

Arm yourself with the knowledge to succeed as a fitness professional in Melbourne

Now obviously if you have your own business, if you’re gonna be a personal trainer and have a home studio or have a commercial studio or rent a space in a big health club you have to understand how business works because otherwise, you won’t have any clients.

Stand out from the crowd and win more customers and repeat business.

But if you’re working in somebody else’s business, this is where you become very valuable and you’ll stand out from the average crowd because people who don’t understand business don’t know how to get clients, they don’t know how to market their business or they don’t know how to make sales. They aren’t good leaders, they don’t know how to look at and understand business numbers. If you have the going for you-you will stand out from the crowd. And not only will there be positions for you but people who own gyms will be searching for you.

There are so many positions available, there are literally hundreds and thousands of health clubs and the people that are employing top-level fitness professionals are looking for just that, a top-level fitness professional who can train people effectively and understand why and be able to run a safe, secure and financially free business and understand why. So please don’t get an average education.

Would you like to learn how to build the fitness career of your dreams?

My name is Rowena, I’m one of the founders of the Max Fitness Business College internationally. And it would be an honour and a pleasure to help you become a top-level fitness professional above the crowd. There’s plenty of personal trainers. But our profession needs you to be the very, very best. If you are interested arming yourself with the knowledge to be a top-level fitness professional I would love it if you took the time to drop me a line below and tell me a little more about your career goals.

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