Why MAX is the best fitness course in New Zealand & Australia [ With Video ]

So you want to be a fitness professional. I’m a fitness professional. I’ve been a fitness professional my whole life. I’m like a unicorn. We’re like a fantasy animal. When you find one of us, you capture us and study us. And how many people have you met who their whole, entire life have never had to have a lousy, stinking, rotten job?

All I’ve ever done my whole life is teach group exercise. I was a gym instructor, a personal trainer, managed health clubs. And I’ve managed health clubs all over the world: Australia, the U.S.A., and Europe. And I have been part of a personal training team, where I’ve had trainers working with me. I don’t like to call myself the boss. I want trainers working with me. And now I’m part of fitness business education.

I’m the founder of the MAX College for Fitness Professionals. And I share that with you because MAX exists because when I was a fitness professional, or I thought I was, I didn’t know my stuff, and I was really embarrassed. I had done nine fitness courses before I did the MAX program, nine. Every time I employed a new person on my team as a gym instructor or a personal trainer, I would go and do the course with them, because I wanted to learn more. But every course that I went to taught me the basic fundamentals of almost nothing.

And I share this with you…the first course I did was nine days long. And in nine days, you do anatomy, physiology, exercise program, nutrition, group exercise, aqua aerobics, the first day, gym instructing, and how to train elite athletes, in nine days.

So what did I learn? Nothing.

And what did I build on after that from the other eight courses? Pretty much nothing.

I pretended I knew what I was supposed to know. And if somebody ever asked me, “Why are we doing these exercises, and how does it work?” or “Why are you running the business this way, and how does it work?” I would never have been able to answer the question. And I share that with you because it’s embarrassing. And I think there are lots of other personal trainers, fitness instructors, gym instructors, boot camp instructors out there in the same position as me. You’re really scared that someone’s gonna find out that you don’t know your stuff. A physiologist, or a physiotherapist, or a chiropractor, or a doctor is gonna say to you, “How does this exercise work, and why are you doing it?” And you won’t be able to answer the question. What a horrible position to be in, particularly, if it’s somebody like me who’s really passionate about exercise. I just didn’t know my stuff.

And then I had the pleasure of meeting one of the other founders of the MAX Fitness Business College, Mr. Kman, Kerry McEvoy, exercise scientist, yes, exercise physiologist, yes, trainer of Olympic sports people and Olympic sporting teams, yes, now 15 times world champion in martial arts. But he can make it really easy to understand. I actually learned my anatomy and physiology, and I understand it.

I actually learned how a business works, because when you don’t understand business, you make stupid mistakes. And I’ve wasted so much money for the owners of the gyms that I managed because I didn’t know how to run a business. And I didn’t know how to do marketing. And I didn’t know how to make sales effectively. And I didn’t know how to manage a team.

I had to learn the hard way. I employed people out of university degrees that should have known their anatomy because they were exercise physiologists. I employed people who had business degrees from university who should have known how to run a business and they didn’t. So I tried to employ great people into my business to help me learn my stuff. And they didn’t know their stuff either.

Set yourself up with the best education to thrive.

What I do know is if you do the MAX Fitness Business College program, if you do the double diploma in the fitness business, not only will you get the best toolbox ever for becoming a fitness professional, you have my guarantee that you will, and you’ll have a lifetime of ongoing education.

Why have I developed the program that way?

Because for me, if you don’t have lifetime education, you don’t know your stuff, because a true professional is learning every single day, and things change. So you can’t just get one load of education. You have to keep learning. So your MAX education is a long-term lifetime education of coaching, and mentoring, and support, and education constantly updated, so you can keep learning. The next part that’s really important is that you get the business skills.

If you don’t have business skills, you don’t have a successful business, you don’t have clients, your clients cancel, and your clients don’t refer other people to your business.

So every part of the MAX program is designed for you to get the best education possible. It’s a toolbox full of the best tools in the world. But that toolbox is being added to every single day. Three hundred and sixty-five days a year, you’ll be getting more information about how to be better at what you do.

Because I am learning every day. After 30 plus years in the fitness profession, I’m still learning. So everything that I learn, I pass on to my students and my graduates, because my graduates have a lifetime of education. So every day you get more information. The toolbox is already chock-a-block full.

Every week we have an online webinar, so you can learn more and chat with your coaches every week.

Every month we have face to face workshops, so you can chat with other people get time with passionate people who love the same thing that you do. But you don’t have to sit in a classroom for hours and hours to do that at a place that may or may not suit you, because if you can’t come to the workshop, we record it, and you can watch it and listen to it in your own time.

Why am I sharing all of this with you?

Because I don’t want you to be like me. I don’t want you to be really passionate about being a fitness professional but not knowing your stuff. I don’t want you to be part of our fitness profession and not be able to really, truly help people to achieve their health and fitness goals, because you don’t know your stuff.

Wouldn’t that be sad? If you’re a little bit embarrassed like I was to tell anybody, “I don’t know my stuff,” just get reeducated.

The MAX program has a plan for people who are already fully qualified, and I have lots of MAX graduates now, who have done their program with somebody else in a basic entry level fitness course. They didn’t learn what they needed to learn. So guess what? They’re now MAX graduates. And they now have a toolbox full of ongoing lifetime education.

So be the best that you can possibly be, not just for you, but for your clients, your members, your family, your friends, your children. Learn your stuff, so that you can be a top-level fitness professional.

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